Aluminium Turned Parts

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Aluminium turned parts are usually produced from solid aluminium bars using a CNC lathe. Aluminium is a silver-coloured and light metal with non-magnetic properties that can be shaped into any desired form for milling or turning parts. This allows extremely tight tolerances and precise reproduction based on the dimensional properties and specifications you require.

Why should you choose aluminium turned parts?

Aluminium turned parts are very tough, so they do not break easily when subjected to strong impacts. Aluminium is an extremely lightweight material that is useful when working with strict weight limits. It is corrosion resistant when used in a normal environment and can be treated to make it more resistant in harsher environments. When we look at cost, aluminium is a safe middle ground. It is more affordable than brass and its qualities make it a solid investment that will last. Moreover, the material can be polished to a beautiful shine, so that exposed aluminium fixings give it an elegant touch.

Special features of turned parts made of aluminium

  • High strength
  • High fatigue and crack resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance
  • Well suited for customer specific solutions
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