Brass Turned Parts

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Brass turned parts are produced with special tools, which are distinguished by special turning tools, a bar feed mechanism and a pressure cooling lubrication.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is harder than copper but not as hard as bronze. The melting point is lower than that of bronze and decreases with increasing zinc content. Unlike copper or aluminium, the castings do not contain gas that could affect the quality of the casting. Brass is not magnetic, so it is generally not affected by magnetic fields and does not produce sparks. Therefore, it can be used for special tools.

Why should you choose brass CNC turned parts?

Brass is a very popular material for machined parts and components. There are many reasons for this. The first is aesthetic, brass accessories and accents are very trendy at the moment. Therefore, when the components are visible, the use of brass turned parts adds style. Brass turned parts also have a number of practical advantages.  This material is highly resistant to water and corrosion, so it can be used outdoors or in harsher conditions. It is a slightly softer material than steel, which means it is more flexible and will bend rather than break under pressure or impact. Brass is therefore durable. So choose brass turned parts if you want your parts to be less prone to cracking or breaking. Brass is also cheaper than other components that have similar properties. It is easy to source and with a few tweaks, you can get any desired property to suit most conditions. The ease of machining makes it very cost effective.

Special features of brass turned parts

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Less susceptible to damage
  • Robust
  • Durable
  • Cost effective
  • Well suited for customer specific solutions
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