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Hot times

Dear reader,

We’ve left behind an extraordinary summer. Temperatures have been extremely high at times over the past months and difficult to bear. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all staff members for their commitment and perseverance.

Covid-19 is neither over nor has it been defeated. Constraints and restrictions are to be expected again over the coming months. We all need to deal responsibly with this situation and take preventive action.

Our intake of orders was above target in large parts of the first half of the year. This means we are now within the range of our target figures. The fact is that the demand for connectors remains high.

Besides introducing our current trainers and study supervisors, this issue of verbinder focuses on our decades-long partnership with the Therapeutikum Heilbronn in Germany. We also report on the numerous events that took place in the last few weeks – including the Heilbronn company run and the visit of the binder retired community.

Happy reading!
Kindest regards,

Markus Binder
General Manager of the binder group

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